Round 8 – East Fortune Season Finale

East Fortune was the final round to cap off a thrilling 2017 season. There was a surprise in the making. Torquil had kindly been given the opportunity to ride the Carneigie Fuels BMW by Bruce Birnie. Lewis had still 2 championships to win, the Melville Open and Club championships. The weekend started off with Lewis putting the Cupar Motorcycle SV 650 on pole position. Torquil put the BMW onto 5th position on the grid, the 2nd time on the bike after practice. The 2 races on the Saturday, Lewis dominated from start to finish, winning both races. This sealed up both the championships. Torquil had 2 strong races, finishing 4th and 3rd respectively. This was the final round at East Fortune so this meant it was the Steve Hislop Memorial Race. Lewis and Torquil had both put in fast times on Saturday so had both qualified for the race on the Sunday. Sunday had arrived and Lewis again won both of the Lightweight races, meaning that he won the last 13 Lightweight races in a row. Torquil did not have the best first race on the Sunday, having to pull in with a mechanical problem with a few laps remaining. The Scottish Championship race was a thrilling race, with Torquil closing in on Lewis Rollo at the front but just missing out, but with a stroke of luck, Lewis had passed under a yellow flag, meaning that Torquil was given the race win due to a 10 second penalty. The final race of the season was the Hislop race. Torquil was sitting in 5th place, with a 4 rider battle for 2nd. Lewis was sitting in 13th place, battling with a ZX10 R. The race got red flagged due to Torquil’s water pipe bursting and water getting on track. Lewis finished 12th and Torquil got taken out of the results.


A very successful season for the Paterson family, thanks to everyone for the help and roll on 2018!!!

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