Round 8 – East Fortune Season Finale


East Fortune was the final round to cap off a thrilling 2017 season. There was a surprise in the making. Torquil had kindly been given the opportunity to ride the Carneigie Fuels BMW by Bruce Birnie. Lewis had still 2 championships to win, the Melville Open and Club championships. The weekend started off with Lewis putting the Cupar Motorcycle SV 650 on pole position. Torquil put the BMW onto 5th position on the grid, the 2nd time on the bike after practice. The 2 races on the Saturday, Lewis dominated from start to finish, winning both races. This sealed up both the championships. Torquil had 2 strong races, finishing 4th and 3rd respectively. This was the final round at East Fortune so this meant it was the Steve Hislop Memorial Race. Lewis and Torquil had both put in fast times on Saturday so had both qualified for the race on the Sunday. Sunday had arrived and Lewis again won both of the Lightweight races, meaning that he won the last 13 Lightweight races in a row. Torquil did not have the best first race on the Sunday, having to pull in with a mechanical problem with a few laps remaining. The Scottish Championship race was a thrilling race, with Torquil closing in on Lewis Rollo at the front but just missing out, but with a stroke of luck, Lewis had passed under a yellow flag, meaning that Torquil was given the race win due to a 10 second penalty. The final race of the season was the Hislop race. Torquil was sitting in 5th place, with a 4 rider battle for 2nd. Lewis was sitting in 13th place, battling with a ZX10 R. The race got red flagged due to Torquil’s water pipe bursting and water getting on track. Lewis finished 12th and Torquil got taken out of the results.


A very successful season for the Paterson family, thanks to everyone for the help and roll on 2018!!!

Knockhill Championship Winning Round


Round 7 of the Scottish Championship was held at Knockhill Racing circuit. It was the 2nd reverse meeting of the year and the final round at Knockhill. The weekend started off well for Lewis with a pole position and 2 wins on the Saturday. Torquil qualified 7th  and finished 5th and 4th. Lewis had secured the Knockhill Championship on the Saturday thanks to the 2 wins. On to Sunday and Lewis had 2 races in the morning. A win in the first race was an important builder for the 2nd race of the day which was the Scottish Championship race. A 3rd or higher would secure the Title with 1 round to go. Lewis went out and won the race from start to finish which meant he was the NEW Scottish Lightweight Champion of 2017. Torquil had some good solid results of a 5th a 6th and a 7th. Overall the weekend was excellent for the family especially too secure another two championships to the many already won in the family over the years. A successful year for Lewis at Knockhill finishing every race and securing 9 wins, 5 second places, 3 third places and 2 forth places and 1 fifth place.


2018 British Talent Cup Selection Day


Wednesday 23rd August 2018


Arrived at the circuit, parked up and went for a walk of the track that had been set up specifically for the British Talent Cup selection process.

Lewis BTC Sign On Day

Lewis BTC Sign On Day


Riders briefing in the main cafe. Alberto Puig let everyone know what was expected, to have fun, and do their best.

The riders would be on Honda CBR300R nachines with race pattern gear shift, loud pipe and tweaked suspension.

As it always the case at these things ( we’ve experienced the RedBull Rookies process first hand ) Alberto said that lap times were not important.


List of the riders and the groups that they would be riding in for the day was posted on notice board. The riders were simply in alphabetical order by surname. There were to be 8 riders per group, and Lewis ended up in group 7 of 12. With the first set of sessions set to be 15 minutes each that would mean a minimum of 3 hours to run.

The track action started and the first 8 riders made their way on to the circuit for their 15 minute sessions.

We watched the first few sessions and picked out a couple of the visually quicker riders to get an idea of what sort of pace would be acceptable, and based on our initial timing we thought that lap times around 1:12s would not be too far away.

BTC Track Bikes

BTC Track Bikes


Lewis made his way on the to track for his 15 minute session, with a couple of laps to get used to the machine and learn the basic circuit and then the rest of the session to build momentum.

By the end of the session Lewis was comfortable in the 1:11 bracket, which at the time we thought was an acceptable pace, and quicker than most riders. In our post session debrief Lewis admitted to hitting a lot of cones and not quite getting some sections right so he was confident that there was more pace to come.


After a short lunch break a new list of riders was produced, and 20 riders had been cut to leave 70 still in the process!!!!

This was totally unexpected by us and turned the day upside down. Now it was obvious that they were going to be cutting riders after each session, and you would need to get your speed up and your lap times down.

The next track session was only going to be 10 minutes long, so they were starting to ramp up the pressure.


The second chance for Lewis to get some more track time in the now shorter 10 minute session.

He was the last bike to leave the pits and this meant he spent a lot of the session passing the slower riders in the group which adversely affected his lap times. By the time he got into clear air he only got a couple of laps, finally breaking into the 1:10 bracket. It wasn’t much of an improvement, but it was nevertheless an improvement.

In the debrief after Lewis again knew that there were a couple of areas he could improve, so he was confident that if he made the next cut he would get the lap time down.

Lewis at the BTC selection process, trying to steal some speed from John McPhee's van :-)

Lewis at the BTC selection process, trying to steal some speed from John McPhee’s van 🙂


Another new list of riders was produced, and a further 20 riders had been cut to leave 50 still in the process.

The new sessions were only going to be 8 minutes long, even less time and even more pressure. They really knew how to get us all wound up!!


In this 8 minute session Lewis managed to get away with the front of the group from the first lap and this immediately helped his lap times being in clear air.

Lewis went faster and faster on each lap and in fact his last two laps were both 1:08.8, very consistent and a decent improvement over session two lap times. It was obvious that Lewis was getting to grips with the bike, and the track knowledge was getting better.


Another cut, another new list, now down to the last 32 and another set of track sessions required.

Again, this session would only be 8 minutes, but there would be two groups of 11 and one group of 10, so more bikes on track, but crucially all the riders left now were capable of good, fast lap times.


The fourth and final session of the day and Lewis pushed on and straight away got his times down to 1:08.0 after just 2 laps, and then on the last couple of laps he dipped below the 1:08 bracket to end the session in the 1:07s.


We are all informed that the track action has ended for the day and the riders can go and get changed if they want. The organisers then let us know that the decision on who would be selected would take at least an hour and to be ready at 18:30.

At this point I was totally knackered, and I’d only be watching and pacing up and down. I decided to go and get a wee kip in my van whilst we waited.


18:30 came and went and we were made to wait until 18:45 before they were ready to make the final announcement.

Alberto Puig thanked everyone involved in running the event and then read out the list.

Lewis had made it!!



Round 6 – East Fortune


Round 6 of the Scottish Championship was held at East Fortune Racing Circuit. Lewis was trailing both East Fortune Championships but was not far off Scott ‘Splinty’ Campbell. During Qualifying Lewis was chasing Scott and unfortunately he crashed in front of Lewis and he had no where to go so ran over the top of him! Somehow Lewis stayed on and the session got red flagged. Lewis was on pole position but ‘Splinty’ sadly had broken his ribs and took concussion due to the impact of Lewis’s bike. Sadly racing was cancelled on Saturday due to a Horrific accident including Frankie Dignan, who sadly passed away, due to his injuries. Sunday was a new day and Lewis knew this was a chance to get points back in the Championship and build a big lead. This is exactly what Lewis did, coming away with 3 wins out of 3 comfortably and gaining a lead in both the Open and Club Championships. Torquil had also a decent Sunday coming away with 5th places and a 6th place.

Lewis and Owen Paterson Selected for SMS Academy Positions


Announcement: Scottish Motor Sports announce 2017 SMS Academy members at Ignition Festival

This morning saw the successful applicants to the inaugural Scottish Motor Sports Academy announced at the
Ignition Festival of Motoring, with the help of Formula One presenter Lee Mckenzie and 2001 World Rally Champion,
Robert Reid.

The SMS Academy was set up to support young riders and drivers (aged 14-20) who are showing potential to excel in
the sport. Since announcing this new talent development initiative back in June, we have been inundated with
applications and interest. This has made the job of the selection panel – which included three time Le Mans 24 hours
winner Allan McNish and three times British Superbike Champion Niall Mackenzie – extremely difficult but after
some deliberation, the following competitors have been selected:

Ben Dignan (Roybridge, SACU – Trials)
Ben Thomson (Kelso, SACU – Enduro)
Callum Grigor (Wishaw, SACU Road Race)
Cameron Evans (Renfrew, MSA – Kart)
Dexter Patterson (Glasgow, MSA – Kart)
Duncan MacColl (Lanarkshire, SACU – Trials)
Emily Glanvill (Penicuick, MSA – Race)
Gillian McGaw (Kilmarnock, SACU – Road Race)
Jack Davidson (Falkirk, MSA – Race)
Jack Gordon (Aberdeenshire, MSA -Kart)
James Coltart (Perthshire, MSA – Sprint)
Jamie Simpson (Ayrshire, SACU – Trials)
Jude Macdonald (Inverness, MSA – Jnr Rally)
Kyle Best (Cumbernauld, MSA – Kart)
Lewis Paterson (Perthshire, SACU – Road Race)
Malcolm Summers (Windygates, SACU – Trials)
Michael Macpherson (Black Isle, MSA – Race)
Peter Beaton (Ardersier, MSA – Jnr Rally)
Stuart Mack (East Lothian, SACU – Enduro)

The SACU have also selected an additional four riders from a younger age category (10-14) to receive some support
from the SMS Academy. These four riders will be supported through a slightly less comprehensive ‘Rising Stars’
programme. The selected rising stars are:

Christina Palmer (Dunbar, Motocross)
Jamie Galloway (Thornton, Trials)
Owen Paterson (Perthshire, Road Race)
Ross Galloway (Thornton, Trials)

The SMS Academy members will each be allocated a coach to offer remote support and advice when needed across
the year. Between now and August 2018, the members will take part in four development workshops, which will
support them in all aspects of their development, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to
maximise their performance.

The first SMS Academy workshop will be held on Wednesday 18th October at Knockhill, where the Academy
members will be developing their own performance profiles and learning about sponsorship, amongst other
subjects. The programme will be delivered by fully qualified MSA Level 2 coaches, Blair Brown and Malcolm McNab
who both have a diverse range of motorsport experience of their own; Blair is a former quad bike racer and British
Rally Championship driver whilst Malcolm is a former kart racer and experienced racing driver in the Scottish Mini
Cooper Championship. Both coaches will be supported throughout the programme by MSA level 4 Coach, James
Wozencroft, who also has experience on two and four wheels having competed up to junior world championship
level in rallying and having also taken part in Enduro events on two wheels.

Round 5 – Knockhill


Round 5 of the Scottish Championship was held at Knockhill Racing Circuit. This time it was normal direction but this was a very difficult weekend. Change of weather every 2 minutes made tyre choices very hard. Qualifying went okay for Lewis with a 4th place. In the Scottish Championship race it was a solid 2nd place for Lewis. In the second race on Saturday, it kept changing between wet and dry and unfortunately the wrong tyre choice was made so a 4th place was the best result which Lewis could nurture out of. Sunday was hopefully going to be a better day for Lewis but strangely could not find pace in the first race after leading it so had to finish in a disappointing 4th place. In the 2nd Scottish race of the weekend it was very wet which Lewis was really excited about. A steady start for Lewis and he was in 3rd and was catching the front two as the rain got worse but unfortunately it got red flagged so Lewis had to take a 3rd place. In the final race of the day it was wet again and Lewis knew he could have the pace to win, he took the lead on lap 3 and never looked back and won the race. Torquil was not racing at Knockhill due to an injury from Owen which caused a fractured skull so he didnt want to risk any more injuries.

2017 Begins


Race Report – East Fortune – April 8/9

The 2017 Scottish Championship Road Racing season kicked off on the weekend of the 8th and 9th April 2017 and East Fortune Raceway, East Lothian.

3 members of the Paterson family were competing, dad Torquil starting his 26th (!) season of racing, elder son Lewis (16) starting his 5th season of racing and younger son Owen (12) starting his first season of racing.

It was going to be a busy weekend for the whole family.

Owen Paterson – Formula 125

  • Qualified: 5th
  • Race 1: 6th
  • Race 2: 4th
  • Race 3: 5th
  • Race 4: 4th
Owen Paterson - Formula 125 - East Fortune - April 2017 [2]

Owen Paterson – Formula 125 – East Fortune – April 2017 [2]

Lewis Paterson – Lightweights

  • Qualified: 4th
  • Race 1: 3rd
  • Race 2: 5th
  • Race 3: 3rd
  • Race 4: 2nd
Lewis Paterson - Suzuki SV650

Lewis Paterson – Suzuki SV650

Torquil Paterson – Superbikes

  • Qualified: 5th
  • Race 1: 3rd
  • Race 2: 5th
  • Race 3: 5th
  • Race 4: 6th
Torquil Paterson - Superbikes - East Fortune - April 2017 [2]

Torquil Paterson – Superbikes – East Fortune – April 2017 [2]

Race Report – KTM Cup – Knockhill


Paterson Storms To Cup Victory

Lewis Paterson, 15 year old Perth Academy pupil from Scone, scored a memorable victory in stormy conditions at the weekend during a “wildcard” appearance at Knockhill during the British Superbike Championship.

Paterson was competing in the Santander Consumer Finance KTM Junior Cup open to riders aged 13-18-years old with every rider lining up on an identical ‘Cup’ variation of the KTM RC 390.

The KTM Cup riders had a total of 4 races of 12 laps over the weekend, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

Lewis Paterson - KTM Cup - Knockhill - June 2016 - Photo © Sam Graham

Lewis Paterson – KTM Cup – Knockhill – June 2016 – Photo © Sam Graham

Qualifying for the 4 races took place first thing on Saturday morning in wet conditions. Paterson quickly got to grips with the new machine and the tricky conditions in the 20 minute session and qualified in 3rd place, only 0.9 seconds behind pole position, putting him on the front row for race one.

Race one was early on Saturday afternoon and Paterson made a slow start from 3rd on the grid finishing the first lap in 5th position. He quickly made progress from there though and made his way up to 3rd place by the end of lap 3. He was unable to close the gap to the lead riders and ended the race in a comfortable 3rd position.

Race two was run later on on Saturday and for this race Paterson started from 6th on the grid. Another slow start saw him finish the first lap in 7th place but again he was able to make way up through the pack to eventually reach 2nd place by lap 6. At this point there was too big a gap to the leader so he maintained the gap over the chasing pack to eventually finish in 2nd place.

Race three was run early on Sunday morning where Paterson started from 6th on the grid. Yet another slow get away saw him finish the first lap of 12 in 7th place. An incredible second lap saw Paterson pass 5 riders to move into 2nd place as they started lap 3. As this point the leader already had a healthy gap and despite his best efforts Paterson was unable to close the gap significantly and eventually he decided to manage the gap behind and brought the machine home for another 2nd place finish.

Lewis Paterson - KTM Cup - Knockhill - June 2016 - Photo © Derek Stein

Lewis Paterson – KTM Cup – Knockhill – June 2016 – Photo © Derek Stein

Race four was the final race of the weekend’s schedule and it was run in very wet conditions with it still raining as the bikes lined up on the starting grid. Paterson made his best start of the weekend and finished first lap in 3rd place. In the slippery conditions Paterson was peerless and moved up into the lead on lap 3 and started to pull a gap from the rest of the field, setting a series of fastest laps and opening up the gap to over 5 seconds before backing off and bringing the bike home in 1st place, over 2.5 seconds ahead of 2nd place.

Lewis Paterson - KTM Cup - Knockhill 2016 - Photo © Power Images

Lewis Paterson – KTM Cup – Knockhill 2016 – Photo © Power Images

Lewis would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who provided support over the weekend, it’s all appreciated.

The next race appearance for Lewis will be back on his Cupar Motorcycles SV650 in Scottish Lightweight Championship at East Fortune Raceway, 9/10 July.


Race Report – Round 3 – Knockhill


Race Report


Lewis Paterson

  • Qualified 9th
  • Race 1: 6th – Scottish Championship
  • Race 2: 5th
  • Race 3: 5th
  • Race 4: 5th – Scottish Championship
  • Race 5: 4th

Torquil Paterson – Yamaha

  • Qualifying: 6th
  • Race 1: DNS – Scottish Championship
  • Race 2: 6th
  • Race 3: DNS
  • Race 4: 5th – Scottish Championship
  • Race 5: 5th

Torquil Paterson – MV Agusta

  • Qualifying: 7th
  • Race 1: 7th – Scottish Championship
  • Race 2: 7th
  • Race 3: DNF
  • Race 4: 7th – Scottish Championship
  • Race 5: 7th


Paterson Racing was making their second trip to Knockhill, this time in the reverse direction, in the 2016 Championship and it was to prove to be a frustrating weekend for Torquil on both his Yamaha and the Perth Motorcycles MV Agusta. Lewis had his best outing of the season on his Cupar Motorcycles Suzuki 650 with improving finishes and more experience on the bike.

Lewis Paterson

Lewis had a good qualifying session and first race, where he managed to keep up with the quicker bikes on his standard engine bike. He was feeling happy with the bike and how it was handling.  The second race of the weekend he had a good start and was trying to stick with the leaders but the lack of power just eliminated his chances of catching the front runners. It was a solid Saturday for Lewis.


Lewis through the chicane on his Suzkuki 650

On to Sunday and Lewis knew if he could get a good start he would stay with the front runners and thats exactly what he did. Lewis’s pace was very good considering the power he had and had 3 solid finishes inside the top 5. Lewis was pleased with his weekend and he knows he can run with the front runners.


Torquil Paterson

Torquil was riding 2 bikes at the weekend. His own Yamaha and also the Perth Motorcycles MV Agusta. Torquil struggled with pace and setup all weekend round the 1.27 mile circuit, and had his worst results of the season.


Torquil on his Yamaha 600

Torquil had his shock done in between the rounds by Jamie Black and this proved a much better feeling then previous. The MV Agusta had never been raced before so this would take time for Torquil to get to grips with the bike. Torquil quickly got the hand of the new machine and was enjoying the pace of the new bike.


Torquil on the MV Agusta 800


The next outing for Paterson Racing will be a Knockhill on June 24th to 26th


Torquil and Lewis